Injured by Dangerous Drugs or Defective Medical Devices?

Our Lawyers Have Firsthand Experience

Taking on the pharmaceutical industry seems like an impossible task. What chance does one person stand against a massive corporation with powerful legal defenses? As our class action attorneys know from firsthand experience, you are not alone, and injured victims have strength in numbers. We have won several millions of dollars for people injured by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices, and we can represent you in an individual lawsuit or join a class action lawsuit along with others suffering the same injustice.

Outstanding Credentials and Exceptional Integrity

Our attorneys are licensed in several states across the country, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. As class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation cases can be transferred anywhere in the United States, we represent individuals throughout the nation. We have decades of combined legal experience, and we have litigated in front of various state Supreme Courts. Our cases have received national attention.

One of our attorneys – Donato Borrillo – is a licensed medical professional. His unique blend of medical and legal knowledge makes him a valuable asset to our clients suffering from health-related injustices.

National Recognition for Defective Drug and Medical Device Lawsuits

Our dedicated team of attorneys has taken on some of the biggest corporations in the pharmaceutical business. Attorney David Zoll helped hundreds of women receive tens of millions of dollars in damages from Bayer, a major pharmaceutical company responsible for Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella. Those birth control pills were linked to serious health effects that included heart attacks, blood clots and arrhythmia. Attorney Michelle L. Kranz is heavily involved in defective hip replacement litigation, where metal hip implants caused severe pain and suffering for thousands of victims. Attorney Pamela A. Borgess received national attention when our firm was the first to file suit against the makers of Heparin, a drug connected to several hundred deaths.

We are currently involved in ongoing investigations and lawsuits regarding the following:

This list is not exhaustive of the dangerous drug and defective medical device cases we handle, and we are constantly investigating new situations of people harmed by a variety of pharmaceuticals. If you have been harmed by any drug or medical device, contact our firm for information about what options you may have.

What are Class Action Lawsuits and Multidistrict Litigation?

A class action lawsuit can be filed when many injured individuals (called “plaintiffs”) seek justice for similar injuries. Their claims are consolidated into a single lawsuit and trial against one or more defendants. When a settlement or verdict is reached, compensation is divided among the represented plaintiffs.

Our firm also represents individuals in multidistrict litigation (MDL). MDL has a combined discovery phase in which evidence is exchanged between plaintiffs and defendants. However, unlike class actions, MDL holds separate trials on behalf of each individual plaintiff.

To see if the injuries you have suffered permit you to join an ongoing class action lawsuit or MDL, talk with our firm about your experience with a dangerous drug or defective medical device.

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To learn more about our services and guiding principles, contact our firm by calling 888-841-9623 or by submitting our online contact form. Unsure whether you need a lawyer? Schedule a free consultation with us to find out.

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